Product Overview

Product Overview - Spare Parts and products for the energy industries

Valves and Fittings for Thermal Oil Systems

We supply valves and fittings in all conceivable designs from all known German and European manufacturers for thermal oil systems.


Burners for use with thermal oil heaters in all load ranges from different leading German and European manufacturers for standard and special fuels like: Light oil (diesel), heavy oil, gas (natural gas, liquid gas, and gaseous) as well as liquid by-products.

Pumps for Thermal Oil

Pumps for thermal oil systems and hot water circulation from all leading German and European manufacturers for a wide range of liquids like: Water, Waste Water, Heat transfer fluids etc. 

Measuring and Control Instruments - MCS

Measuring and Control Instruments for heat carrier oil plants and hot water plants from all leading German and Europeen manufacturer.


We supply filters in all conceivable designs from all known German and European manufacturers for thermal oil systems.

Monitoring System for Pumps_PumpPro

Increase the operating reliability of your thermal oil plant by our "PROTECTION" product line. DustPro, PumpPro and FluidPro are fully automatic electronic monitoring systems which control your operating conditions and ensure a continuous operation, because faults and irregular operating states are digitally displayed on a graphic display.

Compressors_screw compressors_piston compressors_turbo compressors

Tradec compressors are available in different designs for very efficient economical operation to the individual requirements of the respective situation of application. Screw compressors, piston compressors, turbo compressors etc. for the highest standards from all known German and European manufacturers.

Thermal Oil System for pellet production

Tradec is specialized in thermal oil equipment and spare parts for thermal oil systems for any type of industry.

Heat Exchanger - Bare Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger for efficient heat transfer from one medium to another for good use valuable residual heat. Tradec offers you heat exchanger like: Industrial tube bundle heat exchangers, industrial finned tube bundle heat exchangers, industrial bare tube bundle heat exchangers, economizer (exhaust gas heat exchanger) and air cooler / condensers which can be operated with an extremely wide range of fuels.


The proper maintenance and service for thermal oil systems is the best defense against potential problems. Tradec is specialized in the optimization, maintenance and service of your thermal oil system to ensure a permanent efficiency and reliability of your plant for maximum potentail. For example:

We provide security checks of thermal oil systems, the mechanical maintenance of thermal oil systems, the maintenance of the DustPro automatic heating surface cleaning system for waste heat boiler incl. readjustment and the glass beads cleaning of heaters and economizers. In addition to these services and maintenance in thermal oil systems, we also offer the analysis of the heat carrier reusability of synthetic oil and the determination of the heat carrier in respect of silicone oil contamination.