Mechanical Maintenance

The tradec service department can assist you with the mechanical maintenance for thermal oil systems. This service for example include the maintenance of emergency-cooler, economizer, pumps and a heater check  or the complete check for thermal oil plants.

In addition to these services and maintenance in thermal oil systems, we also offer the analysis of the heat carrier reusability of synthetic oil and the determination of the heat carrier in respect of silicone oil contamination.

Emergency-cooler Emptying, check of corrosion, check sacrificial anodes, clean water indicator and check of function, clean float valve and functional testing, new sealing the inspection opening
Heater Check of the wall thickness in critical structural areas, Check damage to the cover-lining, Check the condition of the refractory neck between the combustion chamber and heater
Economizer Inspection of the tube walls and victim protection
Pumps Check of leaks, check function control PumpPro, check clutch wear and alignment, check of the electric motors whether are lubricated
Thermal Oil Plants Check thermal oil lines visually for leaks, check valves -open and check for wear, open filter and optionally cleaning, check function of pressure gauge optionally cleaning or exchange, check the condition of the membrane by opening valve, document work
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