FluidPro - Online Monitoring of all Organic Fluids

Category: Monitoring Systems
Manufacturer: Tradec

FluidPro - Online monitoring of all kind of organic fluids for significant cost savings and better operational safety in thermal oil systems with very precise ± 0.1 % display of changes in the media. The monitoring system detects changes in organic fluids and conducts active or passive countermeasures automatically.

  • Continuous monitoring of the process media (1 measurement per minute)
  • For a wide temperature range
  • Reliable evaluation, measurement and fault storage
  • Maintenance and wear-free
  • Individual adaptation for each application
  • Intelligent and drift-free measurement method
  • Hermetically sealed sensor com- pletely made of V4A stainless steel
  • Shortest return in investment by higher energy efficiency, less down time and longer lifetime of organic media
  • Plausibility check of the measured values
  • Small dimensions
  • No moving parts
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