Industrial Bare Tube Bundle Heat Exchangers

Category: Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger for waste heat recovery from the flue gas in order to preheat feed water, process water or combustion air. This type of heat exchanger is often referred as economizer or flue gas heat exchanger. Warm ambient air from industrial processes that remains untapped, can be used by air heat exchanger (tube heat exchanger) for efficient heat recovery . 

Versions: Vertical or horizontal
Medium: Air, flue gas, exhaust gases, thermal oil, water, water-glycol mixture, brine, refrigerant, other media with known substance date
Temperature: Standard heat exchanger to 560 °C by special materials and higher
Materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel or special materials on request
Production/ acceptance: EU pressure equipment directive
  • Can be used in almost all waste heat boilers and flame-tube boilers for heat transfer
  • Low pressure loss and minimum soiling
  • Reduces flue gas loss
  • Consistent efficiency and long operating times through optimal cleaning systems for heating surfaces
  • Highly effective heat transfer
  • Higher efficiency of the overall process
  • Maximum service life
  • Automative Industrie
  • Pump and Paper
  • Textile Industrie
  • Economizer for steam, oil and hot water generation
  • Waste gas cooling after thermal combustion process
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