Equipment and Spare Parts for Thermal Oil Systems

Tradec is specialized in thermal oil equipment and spare parts for thermal oil systems for any type of industry.

Gas fired thermal oil boiler

Thermal oil heater for a efficient and safe heat transfer or power generation for all kinds of heat transfer medias. Our portfolio includes fuel-fired and electric hot oils heaters in vertical and horizontal designs. Coil type thermal fluid heaters offer two-pass, three-pass or four pass models, indicating the number of times combustion gases pass over the coil(s). We can assist you for the best choice of heater operation based on operating parameters, fuel, footprint and efficiency considerations.


Spare Parts for industrial plants, power stations, chemical industry, boiler feed applications, boiler recirculation, petrochemical industry, process engineering, heat recovery systems, mining, etc.

Tradec assist you with their urgent, long-term and project based spare parts requirements. From one part to large requirement lists, Tradec has the technical experience and relationships to deliver fast and competitive pricing.

Waste Heat Boiler

Waste heat boiler for use of waste heat from industrial processes for heat transfer in a range from 200 kW up to 20 MW.

Heat transfer fluids, thermal fluids and lubricants for industrial applications

Tradec offers a wide range of high quality heat transfer fluids, thermal fluids and lubricants as well as lubricants with H1 certification for industrial applications with almost all kinds of chemistry. 

Heat Exchanger - Bare Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger for efficient heat transfer from one medium to another for good use valuable residual heat. Tradec offers you heat exchanger like: Industrial tube bundle heat exchangers, industrial finned tube bundle heat exchangers, industrial bare tube bundle heat exchangers, economizer (exhaust gas heat exchanger) and air cooler / condensers which can be operated with an extremely wide range of fuels.