DustPro - Boiler Cleaning System

Category: Monitoring Systems

DustPro is a fully automatic boiler cleaning system for heating surfaces of boilers and heaters which offer you an excellent cleaning effect, independent from size and geometry of the heating surface, for more efficiency, reliability and safety.

The purpose of cleaning is to avoid deposits and soilings on the heating surface which work like an isolating layer and reduces the heat transfer to the thermal oil. The flue gas temperature rises and reduces extremely efficiency no matter what type of fuel is used.

Accordingly this effect increases fuel consumption and the operation costs – so it is a waste of dollars.


  • The cleaning medium is released to the place to be cleaned and ensures optimum cleaning results with low energy consumption
  • Minimized wear of heating surfaces
  • Excellent cleaning effect,independent from size and geometry of the heating surface
  • Precise laser controlled positioning
  • Programmable and reproducible cleaning cycles
  • All relevant operating parameters are evaluated at any time
  • Easy to maintain; all parts are accessible at all times from outside
  • The system can be easily integrated and retrofitted into existing plants
  • Removes  dust and other deposits coming from combustion of certain fuels and reduces fuel wastage and boiler noise
  • Save time and resources by a fully automatic solution compared to your regular maintenance routine
  • Save dollars, because of avoiding the increasing in fuel consumption
  • Maximized thermal efficiency and reduced gas exit temperatures
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