Thermal Oil Heater

Thermal oil heater for a efficient and safe heat transfer or power generation for all kinds of heat transfer medias. 

Our portfolio includes fuel-fired and electric hot oils heaters in vertical and horizontal designs. Coil type thermal fluid heaters offer two-pass, three-pass or four pass models, indicating the number of times combustion gases pass over the coil(s). We can assist you for the best choice of heater operation based on operating parameters, fuel, footprint and efficiency considerations.

  • Diesel oil fired thermal oil heater
  • Gas fired thermal oil heater 
  • Combined oil-gas heater
  • Electric hot oils heaters
  • Coil type thermal fluid heaters
Fuel: Light oil, heavy oil or gas
Hot Oil Temperature: < 400
Pressure: Low Pressure
Output: Thermal oil
Heat Efficiency: 86 - 92%
Usage: Generation of process heat in nearly all industries
Style: Horizontal and vertical
Color: OEM optional
  • Chemical Plants
  • Textile Manufacturing Facilities
  • Food Processing
  • Laundries
  • Marine Applications
  • Oil and Gas production
  • Wood Processing
  • Plastic & rubber processing
  • Metal, paper and cardboard processing
  • Building Materials
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