Maintenance for Heating Surfaces

We offer the following maintenance and services of DustPro the automatic heating surface cleaning system for waste heat boiler incl. readjustment: Other services for thermal oil systems:

Visual inspection Control panel + BP, cleaning hose, belts. Tubing axis/conveyor, transverse axis carriage axis, pressure springs feed wheel tube axis, bellows coupling carriage axis, e- chain cable/drag chain cable in the e - chain pot and carriage axis travel path of purification tube alignment nozzle extensions, ventilation and condition of the cabinet
Check correct setting Check photocells, nozzle positions , safety door (s) and emergency stop button , position the cleaning nozzle holes , push downward movement of air , cleaning air and cooling air play on the pedestal bearings of the drive axles , hose reel on tension distance of proximity sensors , strength lock nut of the cleaning
Function test Photocells, pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic valves, remote maintenance modem smooth running of the neck closures, Teaching position if necessary, signal lights/nightlights and horn
Wear test Abrasions, broken wire tie , plastic bearing drive wheel rotation axis , damage to axle for guiding and free wheel , plastic bearings for guiding and free wheel rotation axis , springs the nozzle caps , filters of filter fans and exit filter of cabinet , track, running surfaces of the wheels rotation axis
Cleaning System of dust and debris, light barriers lenses, optics, distance lasers, filters of filter fans, electric chain pot and electric chain guide track, checking all timing belts, bearings and rotating parts of the cleaning system, possibly software update and new learning of the nozzle positions
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