Manual Valves with thermal equipment

Manual Valves Flanged or Threaded DN 10 - 150 with thermal equipment for gas for high thermal capacity with automatically closing safety device, steel fitting, resistant to high temperatures (HTB), trip temperature 100°C (-5 K) from all leading German and European manufacturers.

For industrial and commercial, in front of gas input lines to gas burners, water heaters and gas boilers. In case of fire, they close the gas line and protect long time ago uncontrolled leaks and explosions.

Types of gas: Natural gas, town gas and liquid gas (LPG)
Fuel gases in accordance with DVGW G 260
Thermally controlled release at: 95 °C,+/-5 °C
Closing time: 60 s
Duration of tightness (HTB): at 650 °C for at least 60 min.
Leak: 30 l/h (at test air 4 bar)
Ambient temperature: -20 to +60 °C
pe:  max. 4 or 5 bar
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