Fuels for Industrial Applications

Tradec offers a wide range of high quality heat transfer fluids, thermal fluids and lubricants as well as lubricants with H1 certification for industrial applications with almost all kinds of chemistry.

The Tradec product range of premium quality heat transfer fluids, hydraulic oils and lubricants can be supplies in quantities ranging from 20 litres, to 205 litre barrels to 1000 litre containers and bulk tankers.

Thermal fluids for medium temperature range from -20 °C to 325 °C and for the food sector to 325 °C with HT1 and Halal certification

  • Heat Transfer Fluid -12 °C up to 320 °C for use in systems of indirect heat transfer such as foundries, plywood presses, calenders, plastic injection machines, vulcanisation equipment, drying and mixing equipment

  • Heat Transfer Fluid -48 °C up to 270 °C with excellent low temperature pumping characteristics because of its low viscosity, especially for processes when cooling and heating is required within one process

  • Food Grade Oil -48 °C up to 270 °C for processes when cooling and heating is required within one process and where there is posibility of incidental food contact. Tradec Food Grade Oil is non-toxic, non-hazardous, crystal-clear and certificated with HT1 by NSF for use in food applcations, Halal and Kosher.




Hydraulic oil: 



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