Screw Pump

Category: Pumps

Screw Pumps with a delivery pressure of 16 bar - maintenance-free - for universal use from all leading German and European manufacturers. Available with DIN flanges in an inline configuration and with DIN flanges at the top for lubricating, non-abrasive, chemically inert fluids. All Screw Pumps have an internal safety valve and offer high capacity and are self-priming, with low pulsation delivery and can be easily regulated. Different installation methods are possible for flange-mounting, pedestal.

Some liquids, can build up residues, which can lead to fail in the pump. A typical spot for residue to build up is at the mechanical seal. The residue damages the ball bearing, which runs hot, melts the elastomeric ring and damages the coupling. With our pump monitoring system PumpPro can we early detected this damages long before severe damages occur and production must be not stopped for maintenance works.

  • Mechanical engineering, as lubricant and coolant three screw pumps for gears, engines, turbines and hydraulic systems
  • Oil burner technology, as ring line and transfer three 
  • Marine, as feed and circulation pumps for fuels and lubricants
  • Plastics processing, especially polyurethane applications. Filling three screw pumps in tank installations, for example: fuel tank, PUR tank or ink tank installations
  • No damage through PumpPro
  • Safety reserve in dry running
  • Low maintenance operation
  • DIN standard
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