Temperature Limiter and Temperature Monitor

Safety Temperature Limiter (STB) and Safety Temperature Monitor (STW) for reliable monitoring of safety-related heat-generating systems from all leading German and European manufacturers.

Safety temperature monitors and limiters are used primarily for monitoring and shutdown of reactors with thermal processes. In case of failure or when limits are exceeded, the system is placed in a condition for safe operation.  This makes it possible hazards that cause injury to people, damage to the environment or to the destruction of production facilities and production goods can identify and avert early and safe.

The display of the various measurements on analog input can be done through various sensors or standard signals. The exceeding of the limit values is signaled by the installed LED K1 and K2 (red) for each channel and the integrated alarm relay output switches the system to safe operating status (alarm range).

  • Can be configured as safety temperature limiter (STB) or safety temperature monitor (STW)
  • 1oo2D architecture
  • Approvals for DIN EN 14597, SIL, PL (Performance Level), UL
  • Two relay outputs can be used as pre-alarm or limit value alarm
  • Pre-alarm absolute or adjustable as a margin from the limit value
  • LCD display with background lighting and plain text display
  • Setup program for configuration and archiving via USB interface
  • Wide voltage supply range from AC 110 to 240 V +10 % /-15 % or AC/DC 20 to 30 V
  • Internal and external unlocking possible

Monitoring and limiting of temperature, pressure and other process variables for industrial furnaces, chemical and plastic industry, apparatus and mechanical engineering, wood industry etc. For example:

  • Safety protection for burner control
  • Monitoring of heating elements
  • Protection for heat carrier oil systems
  • Protection for boiler systems
  • Level monitoring
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